Kurgo Bench Seat Cover (Black)


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Dog hair, mud and gunk – amongst other things. Fido knows how to ruin a perfectly nice car seat, and make it relatively un-suitable for passengers of the normally cleaner human variety. So what's an adventurous owner with a car loving pooch to do?

Our simple idea: the Bench Seat Cover. Not only will it keep your seats clean and dry even with the dirtiest of dogs, but it has extra storage pockets for those necessities (travel bowls, treats, dog food, poop bags…you get the idea) along with tons of other great add-ons. It is also super easy to install and then remove; which we guess may be necessary for those drives with not so furry passengers.
So do yourself a favor; save your seats, and quite possibly your sanity with the Kurgo Bench Seat Cover. More features below!


-Cargo pockets in front and rear
-Double stitched seams
-Piped edges to keep dirt and water from rolling off cover onto carpeting
-Under seat attachment
-Rear of seat attachment
-Velcrow openings for seatbelt and restraint use

**Seat Cover Size - 55" W x 56 " L

-Fits most automobiles


Care Instructions:

-Machine wash, cold water
-Gentle cycle
-Mild detergent
-Hang dry
-Do not bleach

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